Comfrog IoT solutions make existing processes more efficient or enable new, substantially more efficient processes.

Comfrog Leap is a SIGFOX certified wireless, no power cord or charging terminal that can be placed anywhere: whether you need to have it inside, outside, on a counter, on a piece of furniture or even a wall.
Our approachable, anonymous and easy-to-use 4 Smileys help you listen to your customers and employees in all business environments. They encourage interaction, increase customer and employee engagement, and give you 20 times more feedback compared to our competitors’ solutions.

Comfrog Leap is a cost effective very low maintenance solution to costumer satisfaction data analysis. All you have to do is place the Comfrog terminal whereever you like in your store, and Volia! You will have access to very easy to read customer satisfaction data right away.
Comfrog Leap can be installed permanently or temporarily wherever it is needed: a bathroom, reception hall, restaurant, store or car parking.

It goes on for years without the need to change or recharge its battery, and it start working the moment you turn it on; no complicated setups!

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